Version 2.0: Complete rebuild of the Disc Room Game Jam game. Please send bug reports to our Discord!


Thank you everyone and! We've won in the top 10 of Devolver Digital's Disc Room Game Jam! We won the entire library of Devolver Digital and their future games!

As a thank you, I'm working on the game from the ground up. Addressing the issue of disconnecting players. Please follow my tweet thread for updates.


Oxygen level......10%

Gather all the oxygen tanks, avoid deadly discs.

Disc Us is an online multiplayer game where you need to work together to survive.


If you are assigned as Traitor Disc you must do everything that you can to stop other players from completing their tasks.

  1. You can move Oxygen Tanks away from the Oxygen Floor and/or hide them.
  2. You can kill them repeatedly by transforming into a disc with SPACEBAR.
  3. You can move Orbs away from the room their in.

Make it more difficult for them. But avoid getting caught or giving them suspicion.

If you are assigned as Scientists, you must be quick and bring the objects to their proper places.

  1. Orbs go to the top room, Oxygen Hub in the center square floor space. Traitor Discs can still move them out of the floor area though so be cautious when your O2 count goes down.
  2. The trash (banana peel) goes to the trash vents located in every farside/corner rooms.
  3. Orb Pedestals are already in the room where the orbs are. Put them there and it will be secured, Traitor Discs won't be able to take them out.

If you are suspicious of any player or need a timeout, just press the red button in the Center Hub.

ABOUT Disc Us is our #discroomgamejam entry. Keybol worked on the programming while Mwaayk did the art and animation. We decided to create a multiplayer game like Among Us and added Disc Room’s theme and our own spin on this social deduction game.

GAME MECHANICS You are a team of scientists on a mission to fill the chamber with oxygen. You have to find and pick up oxygen tanks and place them in the oxygen hub. You also need to put orbs on pedestals and throw the trash out. The rooms are filled with dangerous discs, avoid them at all cost. Complete all the tasks before oxygens run out and you win the game.

BUT THERE’S A DISC AMONG YOU Up to 3 players can be randomly assigned as traitor discs. A traitor disc can pretend to work like a scientist. They can pick up quest items and put them in a tight spot or hide them. They can move the oxygen tanks out of the hub. They can also transform into a disc and kill you. They will do everything to slow you down. They can use the trash passage to transport to other parts of the room. Find out who the traitor discs are and put anybody you suspect in jail.

In Disc Us, it’s not over until the game is over. If you get killed you respawn in the center hub. If you get voted out you can still get back in the game by convincing other players to use the key to open your jail.

Join our Discord! -->

Code: Keybol Art: Mwaayk SFX: doseone Music: Symmetrical Audio (thanks getdizzy)

Updated 13 hours ago
Published 26 days ago
Authorsmwaayk, keybol
GenreRole Playing, Simulation
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Casual, discroomgamejam, Exploration, html5, Multiplayer, Mystery, Pixel Art, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer

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This is bad, IT SAIYS I CANT JOIN B_CUZ DANG CCU IZ MAXED>>>>>>>>:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

COde is 9246


Anyone want to join code is 1828

yeah aight pull up

K wanna play now?


Did you know that this game is in unblocked sites?


Thank you everyone and! We've won in the top 10 of Devolver Digital's Disc Room Game Jam! We won the entire library of Devolver Digital and their future games!

As a thank you, I'm working on the game from the ground up. Addressing the issue of disconnecting players. Please follow my tweet thread for updates.


bad game


unlimited lifes sucks

The initial plan is to have unlimited lives or limited lives depending on the game configuration at the start of the game. I'm reworking the game to include that option. We'll have the option to change from unlimited lives to 10 down to 1.

no ulimited lifes

how many lifes do they have

i like his game but ad kill animations


i pretend to be keybol and see what imporovments pepole want one person said reporting dead bodys 

the dead can report themselves though which is what usually happens when they saw who transformed, or see who are the ones in human form then deduce from that

great game i like that its not 100% like among us

 this a spinoff of among u


Once you get the hang of it, it's a very fun game!

Yes! Especially when everyone in the room are also familiar with the game and the traitor discs are good players

CODE 9103

code 1830

join code 5417

join with code 8104

join with code 2257


error 404


haha love the pun


can u make joining a server faster please because it took me 5 minutes

the server is currently full until we upgrade them

The game broken i can't do anything 

try fullscreen. also click Join many times, the game has reached maximum server capacity. but you can still get into the game as the round is short. just press join until you get in

ya it doesnt let me join plz fix ur game

Hello, I think we're having max CCU. can you try some other time, or use Asia server?

you can also try clicking Join many times. The round is short, so you'll be able to join in a few minutes

Or try fullscreen


The game always crashes when I try to join a random room.

can you try another server? we have reached maximum concurrent players, you may also try some other time. sorry for the inconvenience

Among us AU confirmed??

This game was great, though sometimes it doesn't make sense how players can figure me out as traitor, also, when we trap the traitors,  the game is just boring,  the scientists just need to move the stuff around, and thats it. You should make it like among us, if you trap all traitors, then the scientists win! other than that, the game was probably my favorite.

Yes, and also when traitors are able to put scientists in cell and there are equal traitors number to scientists (because traitors can just saw one scientist each to death and no task will be accomplished). I didnt get enough time during game jam though, but yes it should have won you the game already. What's Among Us AU?

Alternate Universe of Among us lol

oh ok haha, yeah

this is very good

Thank you!

5 STARS rlly i actually did that

Thanks. How to rate in

Ah I see it now when I clicked mote information. Thank you!!

Looks like Among Us..

Yes it's our inspiration. we added our own twist like infinite lives, cell and always on chat for everybody (including jailed suspects)

Fun game, i've won every time

cool! hehe that's great to hear. It's a bit challenging to be a traitor disc, but's a lot of fun too especially when you are able to get the others jailed

once I was voted out because I accidentally pressed space, and I was jailed. The person who accused me let me out if I promised not to kill him. I won.

(1 edit)

Haha amazing. The scenarios generated in this game is really fascinating. And when you pull it off, like you did, it's very satisfying. Them falling for your plan, you adapting to the situation, and getting everything align for you to win

(1 edit)

:o Very Fun, This is the first multiplayer game i was able to find for browser! (Love the art style)

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it!

Amazing game ;)

Thank you!

This was bloody and actually fun even without voice chat! RIP ;deku;
(1 edit) (+1)

Amazing video. You did well both as lying traitor and dodgy scientist! Haha. I should have made a win screen for the traitors if you were able to lock the others in cell and there is only one remaining. I wasnt able to predict that early in development and when I learned about it I didnt have enough time to fix it in code

Too cool game. But too few players :(. Btw it's lil laggy.

Thanks. Try asia or US server. Do you mean online lag? Please check the ping also

can you add a role reveal too?

it should be like from among us

roles are revealed when a team wins

there are traitors among us...

watch your back

this game is so good it's the best game on itch for web for me good job

reply if ur th creator

Thank you so much! We're very happy to read this!

Love this game easy to get  an win every time!

Awesome! You can also tweak the settings to make it harder or faster for either of the team

I know,

how are you supposed to win as traitor seriously

Wait for the oxygen meter (top left) to run out. Hide and move away the oxygen tanks, orbs, kill them, pin down other players and put them to jail to slowdown the task doers

i wasn't a scientist 5000 times and i was a traitor 5000 times

is that a traitor-only game?

It's random, 25% chance to be a traitor. What luck. It's fun to be a traitor!

i dont wanna be a traitor, everyone could accuse me

if someone accuses me i will lose the game

i keep getting traitor disc every round

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