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cool tgame saw it reposted tho

Someone named "Green Ball_Mations" is online dating :P

suss y

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It was fun for a while. This game is good and all, but this game needs a cooldown for the impostor. The impostor can be a saw for how much he likes, he needs a timer to be a saw too.

Edit:My game ID:Puro0 (for those who already found me)

i saw you before

That’s awesome, I would like to play with you again sometime.



and same

and f and 114

its cool but i keep finding a person named hot girl or i think hg its not me i just keep coming across them


pls do sum bout joke and maria


Keybol can you do something about the person who keeps crashing the server. I would be very grateful😄

Does this still work?

Because it wont really let me play, it just keeps crashing...

Can you please make a downloadable version for a better experience?

A true fan


pls ban him over sum

Bro I cant play this game if he keep crashin it

He keep crashin the games

Bro this azul kid

I have never seen so many online dater in my 18 years of living on this planet earth. Pls fix ur game 😀

Ok so there are alot of stupid and desprate people in this game

Can you upload a Downloadable Version? <3

I think this game is good tbh


This is a shameless among us remake, do not support fraud games like this. Go support Innersloth instead.

If its bad why u post on this then???


well, I guess there’s no point....

Cya :D

you stupid

wow, 212 days ago, and you still reply?


You must be really fun at parties, chum!

You got me...

i stopped playing for some months but now i wont give up on this game

if your username id d!3, i am devX

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There's idiots That Online Date in This Game

Deleted post







oh noooooooooo amogus happens everywher i goooooo 🤣


it keeps saying network error when my network is perfectly fine

are u sure

yeah when i press join. And im right next to my internet signal provider. Idk whats going on

hey can any make it so i can play this in full screen in browser

shoutout to my dude mike (fake name he gave us) for randomly showing me he's a disc lol?

 I've stopped playing among us, but I miss the happiness it brought me, so I can't wait to play this again lol

can't believe i forgot about this, what am i, stupid?


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you do not know the absolute happiness I am in right now. I can't even remember if I just forgot the name or something, but all I know is that I could not find this game for ages. you replying, despite my comment being from a year ago, is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.

anyways thanks :)

also yes I am stupid 💀

any one here

Among us: But with D I S C S, and Crewmates/Imposters with A R M S



it keeps saying network error

i love this game


I love this completely original game with original characters and an original concept

the game just stoped working wtf


Why does the background song when playing sounds like a small portion on loop of 69 by Jake Chudnow?


there should be some kind of way u can kick or ban ppl because ppl be anoying af

yeah i agree and add censor chat everyone keeps swearing

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